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Unique, innovative and sustainable: that is what characterises the products of Wood-E! Our brand stands for – as the name already says – ecological toys made of wood. Wood-E stimulates children to be creative, by offering easy-to-use, unique toys that also look appealing. Wood-E’s products offer an added bonus, for both children as well as their parents/grandparents, who like to see their children spend less time on the computer and more time expressing themselves creatively.

Wood-e was founded in 2014 by Kurt Naudts. His three children were the source of inspiration for the design of the drawing box. When they started colouring, they would create enormous works of art. To be able to store his children’s drawing efficiently and in a unique way, he designed the Scratchler drawing box with storage compartment and roll-up function.

The first prototype of the product was made in China, early 2015. The first delivery took place in November of that year, and now production has moved a bit closer to home, to Poland. Wood-E is well on its way to become a valued player in the (wooden) toy industry.

Kurt is determined to launch a complete line of wooden toys with unique, sustainable and efficient toys, for children of all ages.

About us

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