Original gift for 5 year old child

Does your 5 year old have a lot of toys as well? Are you looking for that one gift for a special occassion which they will keep on playing with? Our unique wooden drawing set is an educational, original and moreover durable gift. It's impossible to imagine children not playing with their gameconsole or watching television, but with this drawing set you can change this! Educate your children in drawing and handcrafting and develop their creativity. More information can be found on our website. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Teach children drawing again

Do you ask yourself how you can make handcrafting a challenge again for a 5 year old? The answer is very simple: visit our website and order our wooden drawing set today. The wooden drawingboard of Wood-E is not only fun to play with, but very educational for children of all ages. By ordering the Wood-E drawing set you have found the perfect gift for a 5 year old. 

Our wooden drawing set contains:

  • 1 eraser
  • 12 crayons
  • Paper roll approx. 20 meter
  • 1 pencil sharpener

The drawing set of Wood-E is very ecological and besides, the ultimate gift for every child! You can easily order via our webshop.

The original gift

Colouring, handcrafting, drawing and being creative: did you know that all of these factors influence the development of the creativity of your 5 year old? Creative impulses are good for their motorics, hand-eye co√∂rdination and it stimulates their development. The wooden drawingboard of Wood-E is not only fun to play with, but very educational for children of all ages. Enjoy all the beautiful drawings that your children create and easily preserve these pieces of art in the drawingboard. With this gift for your 5 year old, you will make handcrafting a challenge again!

Order your wooden drawing set today!

Discover our wooden drawing set, the perfect gift for a 5 year old. Playing with the durable wooden toys from Wood-E is fun, new and educational as well! Order the unique drawing set today in our webshop. 

If you still have any questions concerning this unique set of drawing materials on a roll, do not hesitate and contact us. At Wood-E you will find the perfect gift.

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