Welcome to Wood-e, where innovation and ecology go hand in hand to create unique products that not only respect the world around us but also enrich the lives of people. My name is Kurt Naudts, and as a proud Belgian and founder of Wood-e, I strive to make a difference with our environmentally conscious approach and our commitment to quality and ethics.

At Wood-e, everything revolves around designing products that not only meet the highest standards of ecological sustainability but also have a positive impact on people's lives. Take, for example, our magnetic puzzle, a masterpiece of simplicity and ingenuity designed not only to engage and stimulate seniors, both physically and mentally, but also to serve as a powerful tool for rehabilitation, enabling people to regain and strengthen their motor skills.

But our products are not only intended for specific demographics - they are designed to connect and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it's encouraging creativity in children or providing relaxation for adults, our products are versatile and inclusive.

At Wood-e, we strive for perfection not only in the design of our products but also in our commitment to environmental responsibility. We take pride in our certifications such as CE and FSC, which confirm our compliance with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.